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Food From My Travels

I’ve tasted amazing food from all over the country when I’ve traveled. Here are a few pictures of my favorite dishes.

Get Involved!

Getting involved on campus is extremely important for students to do in order to not only have a full college experience but also to help find your passion and gain skills you didnt know you had.

Boost Your Resume

You can easily boost your resume by getting involved on college campus activities. Employers will see that took initiative and went the extra mile while you were in college and this will definitely help you stand out against others

Refine Your Skills

Professional clubs and activities can help you put your classroom learning into practical application. Professional clubs that relate to your major are usually very prevalent on campus and help you make connections, attend events, and continue to grow in your career.

Figure Out What You Want

College is a time for not only learning but figuring out what your passion is and what field you want to go into. Getting involved and joining different clubs can help you find your passion and hone in on skills you didn’t even know you had.

Learn more about getting involved here 

20 Trips to Take In Your 20s

Since I recently turned 31, I’ve been reflecting on the person I’ve become–what I love about myself, what I wish I’d done before now, what I can improve, why I am the way I am, etc. And I realized on a recent trip to Bali that travel is not only my favorite hobby, it has […]

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What To Pack When You’re Teaching Abroad




make sure to get clearances for all medications that you’ll need as well as stock up on contact lenses, inhalers, allergy pills, and any other essentials you’ll need that you won’t easily be able to get abroad


Make sure to bring passports and copy of passports, birth certificates, working permits, and anything else you’ll need abroad. Also make sure to get power converting sources for all of your chargers for technology as well.


You won’t have a lot of room to pack your wardrobe, so make sure to bring staple pieces that you can layer and mix and match. Especially if you’re teaching, lean on the side of more professional clothing.


Make sure to leave room for items you won’t think you’ll need, but definitely miss once you’re gone for awhile like a picture of your family, favorite piece of jewelry, etc.

Remember, you’re moving for a yeah so bring the essentials, but a lot can also be bought where you are going! Don’t stress too much about packing but make sure to research beforehand.


How To Get A Passport and Work Visa


Finding a Passport

Step 1: Apply ASAP

Step 2: Fill out the Application

Step 3: Find a Post Office

Getting A Visa

Getting a work visa is different for every country. For Asian countries, it is a lot simpler to get work visas because work is in high demand, unlike European countries. The only way to get a work permit is if your place of work gets one for you.

  • Western Europe – It is extremely difficult to get a work permit in Europe in countries like Italy, France, and Spain, since the job is in such high demand and many people are looking to work there.
  • Easter Europe – Countries like Russia and Poland are easier to get work permit in, your school should help you with these things but teachers are more in demand there.
  • Asia – As long as you meet the basic guideline, you can easily get a work visa in Asian countries because teachers are in high demand. Every Asian country is a little different but generally if you have a degree and your certification you can get a long term visa no problem.

See a more detailed guide on how to obtain these things at

Long Term Travel Lessons

For me, long-term travel was a huge learning step. The day I left home for a whole year was literally the biggest day of my life, and I think it always will be. I feel I’ve learnt a lot since that first big trip. When 22 year old me, in my cheap bulky hiking boots, […]

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Traveling Tips

Just when you thought you were out of ideas for what to keep in your travel journal!

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Travel Alone

Alone. This expression can be very spooky for many people because it’s associated with the negative word “loneliness“. In my life “alone” means rather “with me“. And no, it’s not such a schizophrenia but if you love yourself enough than you can enjoy the time with you and you can experience the moments as well as […]

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